Top Five Movies Filmed in MA

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Written by Emily Greffenius, Marketing Intern

Matt Damon as Will Hunting, Robin Williams as Sean Maguire, Good Will Hunting (2004).

As much as it’s important to get outside, enjoy nature, and experience the great outdoors, sometimes it’s just too hot. Or cold. Or it’s raining. Or we just don’t want to. When days like that come around, it’s usually best to just surrender, retreat indoors, and take cover on your couch under your favorite blanket. You still explore the good ole state of Massachusetts, though, with these five movies all filmed right here in the Bay State.

1. Jaws (1975)

There’s a reason everybody still lines up along the side of the road to jump off the bridge in Edgartown, despite the signs that say boldly, “NO JUMPING.” The bridge featured prominently in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jaws, the 1975 classic that turned our on Martha’s Vineyard into Amity Island.

2. The Departed (2006)

Boasting a star-studded cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, the 2006 gangster film from Martin Scorsese made use of numerous downtown Boston filming locations. You can judge for yourself how well the accents of DiCaprio and Nicholson might match up to those you hear on the streets of Southie.

3. The Social Network (2010)

The social media platform that now rules it all, Facebook, began as a simple network for students designed by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room. Phillips Academy and Milton Academy stand in for the Ivy League bastion in this story of the origin and growth of Facebook as we know it today.

4. Good Will Hunting (2004)

Although not all of the filming for this Boston-set classic took place in Beantown, the few scenes shot at Harvard University, Bunker Hill Community College, and the Boston Public Garden are enough for it to make this list. Besides, you need little excuse to watch Robin Williams mentor a young, genius Matt Damon and he tries to find his path.

5. Spotlight (2015)

Another film not only set in Boston but about the city’s own history, Spotlight features Fenway Park and the Boston Public Library. Stars like Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo portray reporters from the Boston Globe who uncovered, investigated, and reported on the clergy sexual abuse scandal of the late 1990s.

Even if you can’t make it downtown to walk through the Public Garden, have dinner on the waterfront, or go shopping on Newbury Street, or even if it’s not the right weather or time of year to sun yourself on Martha’s Vineyard, these movies will take you there. Just make sure to be stocked with your favorite snacks!