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The safety of employees and visitors is the highest priority at WMC. The following procedures were written in order to protect all who enter our facilities and to keep everyone safe and healthy. Any guidance that is provided by the Centers for Disease Control or the State of Massachusetts that is stricter than what is outlined below will take precedence.


All visitors to the studio are strongly encouraged to make an appointment by telephone (774-538-9378) or email ( During your visit, social distancing must be maintained as much as possible. We will ensure that proper room capacity is observed and respected at all times (Two people in our studio space, five people in our conference room, and five people in our training room). All visitors will be asked to certify that they have not come into contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, and that they are not exhibiting any of its symptoms, by signing in before entering the office space.

During any studio shoots, masks must be worn all of the time in the office. Masks may be removed only when directed by a WMC employee during the filming of a show. Masks must be worn to enter and exit the studio, as well as during bathroom breaks or any time a producer or guest is leaving their seat. Microphones and equipment must be sanitized after use, consistent with sanitizing guidelines. Guests should be seated 6+ feet apart from each other.

Our producers’ responsibilities include communication of mask policy to their guests, and providing guests any pertinent information regarding their vaccination status so the guest can make an informed decision about wearing a mask during filming. For guests under 18 years of age, the decision to wear or remove their mask during filming lies with their legal guardian.

On our field shoots, social distance must be maintained even outdoors. Masks will be worn by WMC employees at all times. Talent may take off masks only when filming outside and when the subject is more than 6 feet away from the employee – this means keeping masks on while setting up and putting on their microphone if applicable. Microphones must be sanitized after use consistent with sanitizing guidelines.

For our sanitizing guidelines, all of our equipment is thoroughly sanitized before and after each shoot using 65% isopropyl on hard surfaces, and a fine mist of 65% on windscreens, foam material, and canvas bags, so you can feel confident that you are renting and handling clean equipment.

WMC will aim to maintain updated information throughout the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedures outlined above, you may contact Melinda Garfield, Executive Director, or John Cummings, WMC Board President

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