Westwood News Now

Westwood News Now is your weekly look at everything important happening in town. New episodes premiere every Friday.

To submit story ideas, please email charlotte@westwoodmediacenter.tv


Westwood News Now is a program created by Westwood Media Center in 2019. WNN’s mission is to curate news on a hyperlocal level in an effort to centralize events and programs happening in Westwood. WNN compiles local reporting from various outlets and aggregates it into a brief but detailed final product.

WNN’s policy on reporting is very clear. Any news we collect comes from either a direct and reputable source (such as the town hall office, the fire chief, the superintendent of schools, etc.) or else verified by two or more sources. WNN is able to produce concrete evidence on each news story that is presented, either through the confirmation of said reputable source or through tangible evidence, such as a flyer or event discussed at a meeting.

Stories chosen to be reported on are chosen through an editorial process that is managed by the Director of Original Content and the Executive Director of Westwood Media Center. Stories are unbiased and do not feature or otherwise cater to rumors, false information, or gossip pieces. Each story has a clear and underlying truth to support it. Each news story is intended to be as direct and to-the-point as possible in order to properly educate and inform viewers.